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In my quest to learn what I need to know about writing and publishing a book, I have subscribed to a dozen or more different blogs/email lists/Facebook pages/etc, all with instructions on how I should write, why I should write, what I should not do while I write. There seems to be a lot of advice and rules and suggestions and no-no’s. I find that some apply to me. Some I disagree with. Some are talking about the kind of writer I will never be. The only thing I know for sure… the one rule that I will state applies unequivocally to every writer, in every genre, for all time… all of my knowledge and wisdom summed up in one sentence is: If you don’t write, it won’t get written.

And by the way, I think this applies to all creatives. (And we are all creative.) What we have inside of us, the part that is unique to us… if we don’t express it in some way, we stop it from ever being revealed to the world. Or at least our world. Or maybe even, just to us.

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  1. Congrats Jennifer. How long ago was it we had lunch and you were in the planning stages of your new nobel? I’m proud of you. From , my own experience with book writing, I know it was a remarkable endeavor. I’m so proud of you.

    1. A very long time ago, Dusty! It took me three years to write and edit it! Thanks so much. Seeing friends like you write books was definitely an inspiration.

  2. Jennifer, I too am so proud of you!! I know how much work it took, from its inception to its completion. You have done what so many only think about. I bet it’s just the begging. Congratulation!! Carol

    1. Thanks, Carol! It was a long climb, but it does feel so good to finally have a complete book. Thanks so much for the encouragement along the way!

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